Frequently Asked Questions

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The Bandit Power Supply
  1. How is The Bandit™ DC Power Supply different than a standard unit or AC power supply?

    Other Power Supplys run on AC currents or alternate currents. If measured in microfarads these units produce about 1,500Uf which is around 3 times less efficient than The Bandit™. Implementing state of the art engineering we transformed the AC power coming from the adapter in to direct currents inside the enclosure. Minimal power is needed when the needle is on its way up so just about any power supply will work. However on its way down the needle needs at least 20 times more power to drive it plus the additional load of penetrating the skin, the demand is even higher. This means there is no collapse on the way up because the up and down stroke of the needle run at the same speeds. Eagleview™ uses quality craftsmanship to bring you the only all digital and true DC Power Supply of its kind.

  2. Will my Power Supply run a Coil and Rotary Tattoo machine?

    Yes, The Bandit™ is optimized to smoothly run Two-Coil and Rotary Tattoo machines utilizing direct currents.

  3. Can The Bandit™ DC Power Supply be used for all types of tattooing?

    Yes, our Power Supply is designed to be used for Lining and Shading whether Black and Grey or Color.

  4. Should I plug the AC adapter directly in to a wall outlet or direct power source?

    Yes, the Bandit DC Power Supply uses a 15Volt 2Amp AC adapter. Misuse can lead to an overload on the AC adapter and burn out.

  5. Can I use The Bandit™ DC Power Supply on the road or at Conventions?

    Yes, make sure you plug the AC adapter directly in to a wall outlet or direct power source. Plugging it in to an extension cord or power strip is not recommended due to the likelihood of an overload. Especially if you have multiple electronic components plugged in to the same power source.

  6. Do I need a converter to use The Bandit™ in other countries?

    Yes, the AC adapter is the North American style plug but each purchase comes with a Euro plug to be used in multiple countries and will convert the power.

  7. My Bandit™ DC Power Supply is blinking and/or won’t turn on?

    Our Power Supply’s are short circuit proof so no damage should occur to the Unit. If there is an overload on the AC adapter the Unit will blink. If no power comes on then most likely the AC adapter has been damaged or burned out. In both cases you will need a new AC adapter.

  8. Where are Eagleview Tattoo Products made?

    Eagleview was created in Southern California by Tattoo Artist Colin Dowling of Gold Rush Tattoo in 2008. All products are made in the USA. For the Tattooer by Tattooer.

  9. My Power seems to skip intermittently mid-cycle while Tattooing?

    Most electrical problems occur relating to the clip-cord or foot pedal and can seemingly disrupt a smooth consistent tattoo cycle. Check for wire damage, wear and tear and/or replace the aforementioned items before you check the tattoo machine or power supply for issues.

Eagle View Tattoo Light
  1. My light isn’t turning on, what’s up?

    After checking the included set-up guide, flip the clip cord.

  2. My light doesn’t work, can I return it for a new one?

    Yes, we have a 30 day return policy for undamaged, intact lights.

  3. Where’s the best place to bend the light?

    Bend by the tubing for desired placement. Do not bend the lamp.

  4. Where does my tattoo light connect?

    The light connects to the tube vice and bottom binding post. You can also connect to the bottom plate coil.

  5. What pieces are included in each unit?

    Easy Set-up Guide, Screw, Wingnut, Washer