Linear DC Power Supply
Linear DC Power Supply
Linear DC Power Supply
Linear DC Power Supply
Linear DC Power Supply
Linear DC Power Supply
Linear DC Power Supply
Linear DC Power Supply
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Linear DC Power Supply

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Built on a finished Walnut wood enclosure with an extruded aluminum chassis, we present the all new Linear DC Power Supply. The 4mm thick laser engraved acrylic cover rests atop this 100% hand made desktop Unit. Utilizing an “Old School” copper-wound transformer and a 10 turn Bourns™ wire-wound potentiometer for fine voltage adjustment along with a 1950’s Bakelite Resin adjustment knob, this vintage yet modern power supply has the power output, look and feel for all your tattooing needs. A classic voltmeter and real glass faceted jewel indicator lamp adorns the front panel in which each artist may choose a specific color upon checkout. With an incredible 30,000 microfarads of D.C. filtering output for a near battery performance this Linear DC Power Supply contains far less components than a digital one, resulting in higher reliability as well as extended service life. Solely reliant on a single transformer to carry the workload, Linear’s have a strong immunity to power surges with extremely low noise (.003%) and ripple (80 dB ripple rejection) allowing your machines to run smooth and consistent. As always we implemented our signature pedal lock switch eliminating the need for a foot pedal. This Unit comes with a 9ft. power cord which plugs directly in to an AC wall outlet and designed to last a lifetime. Optimized for both coil and rotary tattoo machines. For North America use only

Made in the USA

Power Supply Features

  • Dimensions: 7.75in x 5.5in x 5.5in
  • Hand made Walnut enclosure with an extruded aluminum chassis
  • Premium SwitchCraft™ long life gold-plated machine and pedal jacks
  • Pedal Lock Switch 
  • Optimized for both standard two-coil and rotary tattoo machines
  • 10 turn Bourns™ wire-wound potentiometer for fine voltage adjustment
  • 9ft Power cord (plug directly in to wall outlet)
  • 1 year warranty on power supply parts and labor 

Power Output Features

  • Ultra-Pure DC power
  • Voltage DC output range 2-14V
  • 30,000+ Microfarads (uF) of DC filtering
  • Increased needle push-pull torque

Ultra Pure DC Power

Standard power supply units or AC power supply units run on alternate currents. No matter how fancy they look, if measured in microfarads these units produce about 1,500uF which is around three times less efficient than any Eagle View DC Power Supply. Implementing state of the art engineering we transformed the AC power coming from the adapter into direct currents inside the enclosure. Minimal power is needed when the needle is on its way up so just about any power supply will work. However on its way down the needle needs at least twenty times more power to drive it plus the additional load of penetrating the skin, the demand is even higher. This means there is no collapse on the way up because the up and down stroke of the needle run at the same speeds, allowing the artist to work at a quicker more efficient rate. Eagle View uses quality craftsmanship to bring you the only all digital and true DC power supply of its kind.

Included with each purchase

  • Linear DC Power Supply
  • Owner's Manual


  • 1 year warranty on power supply parts and labor
  • Manufactured and assembled in the USA

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